Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 386 - Nothing Ever Changes!

If you believe that title, I have some land for you.

Ok, so it's been several months since my last visit. What can I say? Life happens. And happens BIG. 
I guess I'll just list a few of the notable changes since last post...

  • Boy is not only walking, but has perfected it and now rarely chooses to crawl. 
  • Girlie has taken a couple of steps here and there, but as with crawling, is taking her sweet time.
  • Boy has all but mastered "Dad" placing a huge emphasis in the second D. Dad-duh. Somehow fitting.
  • Boy has also taken on "dog". It currently comes out as a nearly unstoppable string of "Duh, a-DUH, a-DUH, a DUH, a-DUH...." etc. and repeat. 
  • Girlie has the occasional "mama" and "dada" but by far her most adorable is, "tsah?" Meaning, "What's that?" Everything new, and many things not, are met with her request for a label. It's heartwarming.
  • Solid foods are no longer a big deal for them. Two days ago, in fact, Girlie learned to dip a spoon into yogurt and feed herself. Thank you, Grandma C!
The list could go on and on but who wants to read lists? It's my dry and brilliant twin-life observations that keep my droves of readers returning. Is 17 considered a drove?

Let's talk about teamwork. I'm beginning to see some in them. And it frightens me! They're already forming the early semblances of Twinese. Soon they'll be conspiring against us, no doubt. Before long they will be hitting Wifey and me from all angles. My weapon will be anecdotal online research. It may not be much, but I know there's a good amount of data on the subject. Accurate and effective data? Who knows?

Personalities are emerging. Well, they're
refining. And I've read a bit about the so-called hard wiring of the genders. Let me categorically confirm its validity! We have exposed them both to the same toys--never once pushing a traditionally boy or girl toy on either of them. That's not that because we're fighting gender-themed toys or identities, we just don't have many of that type. And yet...Boy gravitates towards cars and things that vroom and roll. Girle, without question, prefers plush, cushy animals, pillows and such. The great experiment continues.

1st births-day came and went. We had 9 babies and their parents at the house. THAT was chaos. But it went without incident. Babies had their first cake and it mostly stayed out of their hair!

Another milestone was the passing of the one-year-mark for Twin Pop's @Home Adventures! I've survived. Happy and surprising!

Backtracking a bit, we've already had
two E.R. visits--both of them for Boy. One morning we found blood in his ear. He had cried out in the middle of the night but it didn't last long enough for us to drag our old carcasses to the nursery. Anyhow, we brought him in, fearing a ruptured ear drum. Turned out he'd scratched his ear with his fingernail. Ouch!

E.R. trip #2 was more significant. He had fallen onto the corner of a wooden shelf and opened up a little gash over his eyebrow. I suspect that many of us have old scars right around there! So he had two stitches--somewhat traumatic--but he did
very well and was laughing within 5 minutes of the procedure. Stay calm, Daddy! That's my lesson here. Oh, and not getting offended by the third degree from hospital staff. I'm glad they do it--it's just sad that they have to.

And that's it! Nothing to see here. Please disperse.


  1. You SO underplay your amazing evolution from a 30-something couple with freedom to be as self-centered as one could imagine, to a functioning, family of four, two of whom need all the time and attention that the other two are capable of giving. And through it all, your creativity survives -- thrives, to include surprise parties with very high production values, and endless love and compassion for your families and their multiple expecations. And lazy? I think not. Finally, the love of those little ones for their parents and their total acceptance of "outsiders" whether one at a time or in large groups, speaks of the trust and comfort they have been taught. It is a wonder to behold! Of course, I could be a tad biased, but I'm still right about this! So glad to see you writing again.

  2. Thanks, Sonoita Lady! Ok, maybe not lazy--but distracted. And unmotivated at times based on said distraction. And, as you know, sometimes it's just hard to find the voice--the rhythm to write. But I do enjoy it.

    And I wouldn't dream of arguing with you.